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Category: Pumps

Carter Machine Buzzard c.1990/91?

This Carter Machine Buzzard was found at Earon Carter shops at dates to the late 1980s or early 1990s and was restored by Paul Schreck.

Termite Pump – built for Gary Harris of the Florida Bushmasters

This is the nicest example of a Termite marker I have found and was produced around 1988 for Gary Harris, captain of the Florida Bushmaster.

KBS Eliminator Pistol c.1986

The KBS Eliminator is a steel bodied Nelson pump pistol that was marketed by Gramps and Grizzley but produced by an unknown manufacturer around 1985.

Lords of Discipline PMI Piranha Long Barrel

In 1989 the Lords of Discipline took first place in the Line SI/RPS/Lively Masters 5 man and 15 man events with Turbo Valved PMI Piranha Long Barrels.

Sniper 1 – Serial 11

This is the older Sniper 1 I have come across. The serial is 11 and it is in horrible show. The finish has been sanded off and it has a thick coat of paint.

Rick Cendejas’ Line SI Bushmaster

This Line SI Bushmaster was owned and engraved by Rick Cendejas of the Ironmen and used in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

MK1 Annihilator

This model MK1 Annihilator used the standard Sheridan P series bolt, a Sheridan PGP lower tube and a 12/13 inch barrel from Mac 1.

California Cobra

The California Cobra was constructed by Southern California machinist Rich Breen as a stock class pistol but never had a chance again direct feed pumps.

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