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Category: Autocockers

B&M / OTP Micro Autococker c. early 1990s

This Micro Minicocker was built by Brahim Estephan as an attempt to market a smaller Autococker to Bud Orr or Worr Game Products.

RKB Engineering Green Machine Autococker

Prints of this RKB Autococker are available in 24×14 inches, 36×21 inches, and 42×24 inches. Purchase this print on here. In the early 1990s, WGP Tech, Russell…

Machine Gun Mike Baird’s 1991/92 Autococker.

This Autococker belong to Michael “Machine Gun Mike” Baird and was used in the early 1990s by Baird to win numerous events with the Ironmen.

Youngblood Carter Machine Autococker c.94-96

This Autococker was given to Dave “Youngblood” DeHaan by Bud Orr in April of 1994 as one of the Ironmen’s 1994 sponsorship paintguns.

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